Robinson’s Paradigms and Exercises in Syriac Grammar by J. F. Coakley

Robinson’s Paradigms and Exercises in Syriac Grammar by J. F. Coakley

This page is meant for people learning Syriac using Robinson’s Paradigms and Exercises in Syriac Grammar by J. F. Coakley (available at

Each link takes you, Syriac students, to a set of flashcards on Quizlet where you can study and memorize the vocabulary which Coakley provided at the end of each chapter, starting with chapter 4.

Chapter 4 – Pronouns

Chapter 5 – Nouns and Adjectives

Chapter 6 – Pronominal Suffixes

Chapter 7 – Prepositions. The Words ܕܺܝܠ and ܐܺܝܬ

Chapter 8 – Verbs. The Perfect Tense

Chapter 9 – Nouns and Adjectives with Variable Vowels

Chapter 10 – Participles

Chapter 11 – More Nouns with Variable Vowels

Chapter 12 – Miscellaneous and Irregular Nouns

Chapter 13 – The Imperfect Tense

Chapter 14 – The imperative and Infinitive. The Verb ܗ̱ܘܳܐ

Chapter 15 – The Ethpe‛el (ܐܶܬܦܥܶܠ)

Chapter 16 – The Pa‛el (ܦܰܥܶܠ) and Ethpa‛al (ܐܶܬܦܰܥܰܠ)

Chapter 17 – The Aph‛el (ܐܰܦܥܶܡ), Ettaph‛al (ܐܶܬܬܰܦܥܰܠ), and Other Conjugations

Chapter 18 – Objective Pronominal Suffixes, I

Chapter 19 – Objective Pronominal Suffixes, 2

Chapter 20 – Weak Verbs. Pe-Nun Verbs

Chapter 21 – Pe-Alaph Verbs

Chapter 22 – Pe-Yod Verbs

Chapter 23 – ‛E-Alaph Verbs

Chapter 24 – Hollow Verbs

Chapter 25 – Geminate Verbs

Chapter 26 – Lamad-Yod Verbs I: The Pe‛al (ܦܥܰܠ)

Chapter 27 – Lamad-Yod Verbs II: Other Conjugations

Chapter 28 – Pronominal Suffixes Attached to the Lamad-Yod Verbs

Chapter 29 – Numbers

Appendix D – Dates

Typos, unfortunately, do happen often. Therefore, we rely on you to report any mistake you might find studying the above flashcards. Thank you in advance.

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