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Welcome to the Maronite Podcast.

This is a daily reading of the Prayers of the Faithful or Divine Office according to the Antiochene Syriac Maronite Church.

The Universal Church, which is a communion of autonomous Churches, recognizes that the mystery of God is so vast that it cannot be contained in one individual Church’s traditions. Each Church is unique and contributes in her way to the richness and diversity of Christianity.

Much as they are united in the Holy Spirit by the same faith and the same mysteries, each Church witnesses to Christ throughout history according to her theology and spirituality using her own traditions, language, music, philosophy etc.

The Maronite Church is rich and embedded in her Antiochene Syriac heritage. We hope by providing this forum for you both to listen and participate in the Maronite Church’s unique daily prayer life you may find yourself closer to God and, through his blessings, may experience a better understanding of and foster a stronger love for the Maronite Church.

The prayer books being used could be obtained from:

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This podcast is brought to you by Fr. Armando Elkhoury, and Subdeacon Chris Pond, OCDS.

Glorious Birth


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Great Lent

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Exaltation of the Cross