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Jesus Christ, the Eye of Prophecy

Jesus reading Isaiah (Lk 4:16-30) - "The Spirit of the Lord is upon me ..."

This talk was given at the 13th Colloquium of Syriac Patrimony under the title The Syriac Exegetes at the Maronite Patriarchal Seminary, Ghazir, Lebanon, in February 2015. It was published in English and Arabic by Centre d’Études et de Recherches Orientales (CERO) in its Patrimoine… Continue Reading “Jesus Christ, the Eye of Prophecy”

My Vision of the Maronite Church

The Antiochene Syriac Maronite Church is depicted as a Cedar of Lebanon. She is founded on Christ (the cross) who is the cornerstone of all churches and she is nourished by God’s Word as found in both Testaments of the Bible. Her roots are… Continue Reading “My Vision of the Maronite Church”