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The Problem(s) with Being Almost Perfect – The Book of Steps: Part Two

The Second Syriac Book to Read: The Book of Steps

Types and Symbols of the Church According to Jacob of Sarug

By Armando Elkhoury Known as the Flute of the Holy Spirit and the Harp of the Church, Jacob of Sarug (ca. A.D. 451 – 521) was among the Syriac Church Fathers such as Aphrahat (ca. A.D. 270 – ca. 345) and Ephrem (ca. A.D….

Early Syriac Theology With Special Reference to the Maronite Tradition

Early Syriac Theology with Special Reference to the Maronite Tradition

Written by Msgr. Seely Beggiani St. Ephrem, who was proclaimed a Doctor of the Universal Church by Pope Benedict XV, and Jacob of Serugh were two of the earliest and most important representatives of the theological world-view of the Syriac Church.  A good part of their work was in…